Services Offered


This is a 20 minute session that we offer to clients on their first visit.

When time is an issue, or you'd like to see how it works.


We offer a 30 minute session, that also includes a full initial consultation.

$40 + GST


We offer a 60 minute photobiomodulation session that also includes a full initial consultation.

$65 + GST

What our customers are saying

We were referred to Healthy Lights by our cousin who had great results for his shoulder. After our first hour session, the following day, we noticed changes in my husband, who had suffered an injury in the fall of 2017, he had floaty things in both eyes (not floaters) and his right eye cleared right up and helped significantly with the left. He also had a lot of pain with his firmus muscle and that as well has eased up. His foot pain has improved as well. My eyes had the starting of cataracts and I can honestly say I feel the lights have taken my cataracts away completely. I can see so clear now.I had a complete tear in my right and partial in my left, I constant pain  and had very poor sleeps. After my first session, I can sleep on my arm and I can sleep pain free. The following week, we purchased our own system.

Ed and Janet Soloski,  Saskatchewan

I have had success with the lights as they have helped minimize the inflammation after the surgery I had 4 years ago. Massage therapists have stated that the areas are not near as tight and therefore easier to manage.

Calvin W,  Saskatchewan

I was fortunate enough to try the Healthy Light System after I had knee replacement and found that they were very helpful in speeding up the healing process as well as giving me much needed pain relief. They greatly decreased the swelling and gave me greater range range of motion. I have also used these lights on my aging arthritic dog to help relieve her pain.

Lisa Ryan,  Calgary